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Bumper Playmat™


Wipe both sides of the Bumper Playmat™ thoroughly before using it for the first time.

  2. It is normal to see crease lines on the Bumper Playmat™ when you first unpack it.

Before     After

                    just unpacked, with crease line                             crease line settled after use 

These crease lines from folding or rolling will settle over the next 2-3 weeks with use due to the elastic characteristic of the material.

We recommend that you lay it flat on the floor and keep using it to speed up the 'straightening' process.

  3. Do not expose the Bumper Playmat™ to high temperatures or flames.
  4.  Do not place heavy furniture or items on the Bumper Playmat™ for prolonged periods of time.
  5. This Bumper Playmat™ is designed for use as a floor mat.
  6. A damp cloth or soft brush can be used to clean the Bumper Playmat™ should it become dirty. If required, a mild 'baby' soap can also be used but please DO NOT use any floor detergents or chemicals to clean the mat, as babies will often put their mouths on the mat.


  • Hard bristled brushes or strong chemicals such as bleach may damage the product.
  • This product cannot be washed in washing machines or by using steam cleaning.
  • Avoid drawing with markers or pens on the Bumper Playmat™ as you may not be able to remove the ink.
  • Avoid wearing shoes when using the Bumper Playmat™ and avoid sharp, rough or hot materials from coming into contact with the product as they may cause damage.

Comparing Sizes


Bumper Playmat™

    Bumper Playmat Comparison


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